The Judges

Meet the 2019 Small Business BC Awards judging panel, a diverse group of local business professionals:

Best Apprentice Training

Christine Klar,  Industry Training Authority (ITA BC)
Cory Williams, Industry Training Authority (ITA BC)
Amelia Chan, Higher Options Consulting
Les Szabo, Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC
Amy Elgie, Small Business BC

Best Community Impact

Puneet Jain, Vancity
Andrea Welling, YMCA
Candace Nancke, Loren Nancke, Chartered Professional Accountants
Linda Rubuliak, Linda Rubuliak Cultural Training and Consulting
Tuan Pham, Small Business BC

Best Company

Rita Kim, Partners for Growth
Paul Savage, Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd.
Melanie Rupp, Women’s Enterprise Centre
Curtis Wong, Small Business BC
Roop Johal, Small Business BC

Best Concept

Arthur Klein, Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd.
Mina Haghighi, Futurpreneur Canada
Ana Fong-Marquez, National Research Council
Gideon Leung, Small Business BC

Best Employer

Angelique Prince, WorkSafeBC
Kalina Donald, Living Brand Result Consulting Inc.
Sheh Shojaee, CPHR BC & Yukon
Natasha Jategaonkar, Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark LLP
Kirsten Behrns, Small Business BC

Best Immigrant Entrepreneur

Belen Welch, BDC
Manu Nellutla, Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC
Taimoor Tariq, ISS of BC
Timur Sehler, Baron Trading
Laura Aveledo, Small Business BC

Best Innovation

Jean Laberge, Western Economic Development Canada
Renata King, Northern Development Initiative Trust
Jacqueline Gustafson, KPMG
Dylan Hrycyshen, Small Business BC

Best International Trade

Allison Boulton, Export Navigator
Rob Arthurs, Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology

Leslye Sanguino, Livingston International
Audrey Bai, Small Business BC

Best Marketer

Mhairi Petrovic,
Kevin McLeod, Yardstick Services Inc.
Ami Sanyal, The Uncommoners Club
Karley Cunningham, Big Bold Brand
George Mohan, Small Business BC

We thank the judges for volunteering their time for the Small Business BC Awards and look forward to their deliberations. Let the pitching commence!