Amazon to Raise Pay for Contract Delivery Drivers, Effective Next Month

Amazon is set to give a salary boost to its contracted delivery drivers, announcing a $440 million investment in its third-party delivery program for the year. The aim is to lift the average hourly wage to $20.50 by the middle of October.
Introduced in 2018, the Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program helps entrepreneurs establish delivery operations by providing them access to Amazon’s resources. Over its five-year existence, the program has received more than $8.9 billion in investment from Amazon, created nearly 280,000 driving positions, and …

Dubbed ‘Worst Investment Ever,’ the Iconic Brady Bunch House Fetches $3.2 Million

The well-known residence in Studio City, California, often referred to as “The Brady Bunch house,” was initially listed for $5.5 million in May but recently sold for just under $3.2 million. 
Tina Trahan, the new owner and an ardent admirer of the iconic home, has no intentions of living there, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Trahan and her spouse, ex-TV executive Chris Albrecht, are no strangers to acquiring noteworthy properties. They previously purchased parts of Stone Manor, a grand 125-year-old…

Apple and Walmart May Soon Have to Publicly Report Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions Due to Proposed Law

California lawmakers have passed a bill mandating that large U.S. companies disclose their yearly greenhouse gas emissions. Known as Senate Bill 253 or the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, it received approval from both the Assembly and the Senate. 
The legislation is now pending approval from California Governor Gavin Newsom.
If enacted, the California Air Resources Board will be tasked with creating regulations by 2025. These regulations will require both public and private companies generating over $1 …