Looking for a Career as a Front-End Software Developer in Canada? These 3 Companies are Hiring Right Now!

Canadian firms are on the hunt for front-end software developers to create exceptional user interfaces based on their existing back-end infrastructures. 
So if you’re looking to land a job as a front-end software developer, below are some companies actively recruiting across the nation you want to check out:

Plurilock and the Rise of Generative AI in Enterprise Security

In an age where strong passwords and antivirus software no longer offer sufficient protection, businesses must be prepared for inevitable security breaches and act swiftly to neutralize threats, says Ian Paterson, CEO of cybersecurity firm Plurilock. 
Founded by a team of University of Victoria researchers, Plurilock has carved out a niche in zero-trust authentication using behavioral biometrics and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies. 
The Victoria-based company has seen exponential growth, executing a …

The Future of Employment: Understanding Gen Z Preferences and Startup Opportunities

The landscape of employment is rapidly evolving as we navigate through the third decade of the 21st century. The millennial wave that stormed the corporate citadels with its disruptive ideas and start-up culture is now giving way to Generation Z. 
Born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, Gen Z is entering the workforce in droves, armed with a fresh perspective on what they want from their careers. 
Understanding their preferences is not just pivotal for HR departments but also holds invaluable insights for …

Conquest Planning and CapIntel Collaborate to Expand AI-Powered Financial Advisory Services

Conquest Planning, headquartered in Winnipeg, has joined forces with Toronto-based CapIntel, another FinTech company specializing in wealth management. 
The collaboration integrates Conquest’s Strategic Advice Manager (SAM), an AI-driven financial planning tool, into CapIntel’s platform, which serves over 12,000 financial advisors in North America.
The joint venture aims to expand Conquest’s market presence while enhancing the financial advising capacities on CapIntel’s sales platform for …