7 Red Flags that Indicate Your Marketing Strategy Needs an Overhaul

With a quarter-century of marketing expertise, I can swiftly pinpoint a business’s marketing strengths and weaknesses. More often than not, the issue boils down to the absence of a results-oriented marketing strategy. 
Many businesses I observe not only lack a plan but also have no clue where their leads are coming from.
To reassess your marketing strategy, I’ve outlined 7 telltale signs that suggest your marketing strategy needs a revamp:
Your Message Mirrors …

Master Startup Marketing with These 7 Key Strategies for Streamlining Your Business

Launching a new business is both exciting and demanding. As a founder, you’ll find yourself juggling various roles, with marketing being a critical one. It’s crucial for building your brand, engaging customers, and scaling your business. 
To help you with that, here are 7 actionable strategies to manage your dual roles effectively:
1. Formulate a Robust Marketing Strategy
A well-designed marketing strategy acts as your blueprint for success. Establish …

7 Traits That Set Excellent Marketing Professionals Apart

The marketing industry is as dynamic as it is competitive, making the demand for exceptional professionals in the field stronger than ever. While many individuals may be good at marketing, there are certain traits that set excellent marketing professionals apart. 
These are the people who not only excel at their jobs but also elevate their organizations. In this article, we’re going to explore the seven traits that make these professionals stand out:
Strategic Mindset