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ULAT Dryer Balls

Parksville, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2011

ULAT Dryer Balls is more than a laundry solution product, we are a full service 100% Canadian premium wool dryer ball manufacturer.
Our strong ethics & high quality products have lead ULAT to globally deemed the original & truly triple bottom line wool dryer ball brand of choice.
We have…
* Developed a new sales channel for the Canadian Wool Industry. (Social Vision)
* Created a unique recipe utilizing the natural benefits of wool to maximize efficiency & decrease unnecessary waste created in our dryer loads. (Environmental Values)
* And yes, we do all our sourcing, producing, distributing & selling on Canadian soil. (Financial Impact)
We can’t take the chore of laundry away, but we can assist in making the process a little less tedious, decrease energy costs for our consumer, provide a completely hypoallergenic solution, & support local resources. This is one task that can be on your own terms & everyone can feel good about it.
Laundry with ULAT Dryer Balls = Mother Nature approve

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