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The Deckhand Cleaning Co.

Sunshine Coast, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2019

I have been running this company while working at my other “full time” job this year. I am formally trained and currently work as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic in BC, thus I love problem-solving and I am skilled in managing dynamic teams and personnel. The reason why I showcase my background is this: I believe that my little startup company deserves this award because my staff is exceptionally happy. I believe that this is because I have built a business model that focuses on happiness based productivity, and integrity and quality through self-governance. Every one of our successes over the past ten months of start-up is because of them. The award is for my staff. I have no idea if winning would recruit more customers where we operate, but I do know that the team would appreciate it – they are so very proud of the quality of service they provide (which is outstanding) and they deserve to know that this company is doing well because of them.

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