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Everbean Cafe

Surrey, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Employees: 4 In Business Since: 2017

Everbean Cafe is designed with the idea of prospect and refuge in mind. Located in the lobby of busy Hilltop Medical/Abby Lane Health Centre on the edge of Surrey, fronting White Rock, it is a prospect where local information can be relayed; daily news can be exchanged, and spontaneous meeting can be facilitated.  With spacious seating, plenty of natural light and an outdoor garden patio, it is also a refuge where daydreams are protected; self-care is encouraged, and spirit can be recharged.

Everbean Cafe is operated by a small group of service enthusiasts who are passionate about great coffee and awesome food, made with love and served with care.  We take our unique location of being integrated within a major medical/health hub as an opportunity, and strive daily to make people’s day the best they’ve ever been.

Welcome, we look forward to serving you!

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