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Mangia Cucina & Bar

Vancouver, BC Best Marketer:
Employees: 13 In Business Since: 2018

Mangia Cucina & Bar is a small independent business. As it often happens, we neither have a designated marketing person nor a big budget to spend, yet we still have to create a brand & compete with big and small names in our highly competitive industry. From the beginning, we decided to play on our strengths and genuinely connect with our community of local partners, suppliers and media to create long-lasting relationships. Our best marketers have been our loyal customers, who voluntarily campaign for us and spread the word with their continued support. We wouldn’t be successful marketing ourselves without delivering a great product and experience to our customers – our commitment to quality, consistency & authenticity translates into our online presence and in-person interactions. Ultimately, it is our quality product and service that create the best marketing for us and we are committed to continue delivering the same high standard for the future.

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