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Hunter Browns

Richmond, BC Best Marketer:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2019

We are a young small innovative food company that had a choice on which product to debut. We chose our Brown Butter Cubes, a product that was versatile in that it could be marketed to both the retail and foodservice industries, thus allowing us a multi-channel approach, and a product that was versatile in itself, being good for both baking and cooking, which not all products can do.

We sell a higher-end form of butter and although we wanted to piggyback off of the familiarity of butter – and how much everyone loves it – we knew we had to strategically get people out of the normal mindframe and see us differently. This included a different design (cube forms of one tablespoon), different packaging (a stand up resealable bag instead of foil wrapping), and different branding, allowing us to become synonymous with gourmet cooking. We were nominated for Product of the Year and have acquired retail listings prior to launching as a direct result from our passionate marketing efforts.

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