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Valley Acrylic Bath Ltd

Mission, BC, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 23 In Business Since: 2006

Valley is immensely proud of our loyal employees, and we want to continue to bring together amazing individuals from diverse backgrounds that can be a part of our ever-growing team. Valley has many interns joins us here in Mission, BC Canada from around the world. We believe bringing in international talent can help us understand ideas and development at a more global level which is an increasingly important asset to have. We have also had many interns join us from high schools all across B.C. — these young individuals bring new and bright ideas to our company, and in turn are able to gain work experience which will help in the future workforce community. We also participate in many programs that support refugee and immigrant hiring, which adds to our diverse pool of employees. At Valley, we believe in the idea that we’re never going to be perfect; but we will always strive to be better. We want to continue to bring in amazing individuals that can helps us on the path to perfection.

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