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Reusable Bubble Tea Cup

Vancouver, BC Best Innovation:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2017

Reusable Bubble Tea Cup started out in August 2018 in Vancouver and has changed the bubble tea industry first here and around the world for good. Our product, the Reusable BBT Cup, tackles the international crisis of overconsumption of single-use plastic cups, lids, plastic film, and wide plastic straws that are required in the daily norm of consuming bubble tea drinks. As bubble tea becomes more and more popular (over 100 bubble tea stores have opened in Greater Vancouver in 2018 alone), the landfill problem proves greater and greater. Our company and customers make reusables the norm again. Our product is so universal that 95% of bubble tea stores in the Lower Mainland accept our Cup. We partner with local small businesses to sell our Cups to be more accessible to the consumer. We have inspired change around the world and receive emails daily from stores around the globe who would also like to stock the Reusable BBT Cup on their shelves to offer a waste-free solution.

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