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GeoScan Subsurface Surveys

Burnaby, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 40 In Business Since: 2010

GeoScan is pleased to present our innovation for ground characterization, specifically in areas of potential salt contamination. GeoScan developed a non-invasive method for identifying and mapping possible subsurface salt contamination in the vicinity of road salt storage barns; tested and conducted across multiple sites throughout BC.

The methods used take advantage of the increased electrical conductivity induced by raised salinity in groundwater. The technology utilizes georeferenced electromagnetic and electrical resistivity meters to provide spatially referenced heatmaps both of the surface and below in 3D.

Breaches in containment structures and subsquent infiltration of salt (specifically the chlorine component) into the ground and watertable poses a significant ecological threat. Our geophysical methods provides a non-invasive, fast and convenient monitoring option that is more cost effective than trial pits or monitoring wells.

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