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Algabloom International Ltd.

Richmond, BC Best Innovation:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 9 In Business Since: 2014

Imagine a magic box that, with the input of a genetic code, a few nutrients and the capture of some unwanted CO2, releases oxygen while printing on-demand, high-value ingredients needed for the sustainability of our planet and the healing of its people.

This magic box is called AlgaBox, a photo bioreactor invented by AlgaBloom International Ltd., an innovative biotech company founded by Soheyl & Susan Mottahedeh in Richmond, BC. The genetic codes are actually algae selected from among 100,000 species that regulate the sustainability of our carbon-based planet.

Nutrient input to the fully automated AlgaBox vary from minerals to trace elements to herbs that are metabolized and then photosynthesized by the selected algae with the help of light and CO2 to produce many of nature’s most potent biofuels, superfoods, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

This climate-controlled cell bio-factory uses 100 times less water and a 15 times smaller footprint than traditional algae bioreactors.  The first fruit of the AlgaBox is a blue-green microalgae called Spirulina.  Grown in Richmond and harvested fresh and then frozen, it maintains its live enzymes and phytonutrients in their most bioactive, bioavailable form. This fresh Spiruilna has no bad taste or smell – a testament to its purity and quality.  

Called “nature’s most complete superfood”,  each Spirulina alga cell contains 23 times more iron than spinach, 39 times more beta-carotene than carrots, 3 times more calcium than milk and nearly 4 times more protein than tofu.  Spirulina boasts 1,500 scientific research studies and 47 clinical trials.  NASA chose Spirulina as the superfood for astronauts on long space missions.

AlgaBloom’s SpiruVive – Fresh Canadian Spirulina is now sold in 65 health and natural food stores across Canada. Cosmetic companies that have tested AlgaBloom’s Spirulina marvel at its potency with a mere  0.1% mix. Naturopaths are amazed by this algae’s healing power.

To continue harnessing the power of algae to heal our planet and its people, AlgaBloom welcomes collaboration with like-minded organizations and companies.

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