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Novell Design Build

Vancouver, BC Best Employer:
Employees: 10 In Business Since: 2005

Working at Novell Design Build is this amazing mix of a successful business where you feel challenged with something new almost every day, but supported as well. The residential construction industry is booming, which means competition for team members is very high, and Novell is able to hire and retain staff who love to work there.

Laurel and Angelito have created an environment of trust where we are never afraid to ask a question or say we need help, and no one hesitates to jump in and give a hand. Employees at Novell are rewarded for their hard work – not just with monetary compensation, but with training, mentorship and advancement opportunity. Through local associations Laurel provides even more mentorship and support to women and young people entering the industry.

We may not have happy hour every week or an office full of toys and gadgets, but instead we have a team who look out for each other, take pride in our work and look forward to coming in every day.

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