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Freezie culture is

Due for massive disruption

Tubify’s the start.

In a world of fad diets, Tubify believes in real, minimally processed food. Tubify wants to bring the conversation back to being mindful of looking at food in a holistic way, by eating food closest to its natural form. Tubify highlights the fruit fibers, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are abundant in whole foods and blends it into their delicious freezies for everyone to share. Tubify makes sure that these fun tubes of frozen smoothies on-the-go are accessible for everyone.  It was a tough decision to meet all the certification requirements for a small startup, but Tubify invested in 1% for the planet, Fair Trade, Organic, Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten Free, as Emily and Casey believe in creating a progressive food company that cares about the future.

Summer, sweat, freezies

Memories sweet and breezy

My child will love this.

Emily and Casey started making these freezies by hand. Tubify has been staple at farmer’s markets, local community events, and their electric freezer Tubi-trikes have been plying the streets of Vancouver over the last couple of years bringing smiles to people on a hot summer day. We’ve kept our hand-made recipes and techniques even as we’re available across the country. Tubify is happy to be reinvigorating our past and connecting generations by making freezies 3.0! Grandparents and parents can now share their happy memories of childhood treats with their kids, knowing that these good-for-you freezies are delicious and nutritious.

Tubify is a great contender for best concept not only as a concept, the idea is a strong viable business that is reflected by the exciting market uptake. Having only launched at retail in the summer of 2017, Tubify will be in over 400 stores across Canada this spring. Emily and Casey are really excited continue rethinking our view and health impact of packaged foods, to grow Tubify Foods beyond freezies.

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