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Whistler Photo Safaris Ltd.

Whistler, BC Best Company:
Employees: 8 In Business Since: 2012

Whistler Photo Safaris has experienced year over year growth in a competitive industry with high employee retention while making memories of a lifetime for visitors to BC through key partnerships and a commitment to deliver an exceptional experience that is safe for humans and bears. Whistler Photo Safaris Ltd.’s goal is to offer guests an intimate and authentic wildlife viewing experience focusing on the park’s resident black bear population as well as the famed 2010 Olympic venue itself. By escaping the crowds of Whistler Village and traveling with accomplished and educated guides who have exclusive access to gated roads, guests are immersed in a Whistler experience they simply could not find on their own. From award-winning photographers to ecologists and even a wildlife veterinarian, Whistler Photo Safaris has continued to attract top guides from all over the world each year through a unique and high-quality brand that has become trusted by even luxury destination travelers.

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