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Rothewood Academy

Richmond, BC Best Company:
Employees: 45 In Business Since: 2015

At Rothewood Academy our passion and belief is to help the individual child embrace their inquisitiveness and creativity through play-based and natural play learning environments and activities. Our curriculum is based on inquiry and exploration with the goal of encouraging children to become life-long learners and to be curious about the world.

Rothewood Academy should win as Best Employer for many reasons.

1. Continually gives all staff (all 45) pay raises and focusses on being a living wage employer.

2. Listens to each and everyone one of his employees and is easily approachable.

3. Caring, down to earth, compassionate, caring, generous and understanding.

4. Mark is a father to three young boys and knows what it takes to be an amazing early learning academy.

5. Rothewood sponsors teachers from other countries and gives them equal opportunities.

6. Always doing the right thing

7. Holds annual Team Building for its teachers

8. Rothewood staff are always happy and express their appreciation

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