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Canadian Timberframes Ltd

Golden, BC Best Company:
Employees: 39 In Business Since: 1999

My husband & I bought the 3 founding partners out 2 years ago. Since then, we have changed the culture of the organization; have seen consistent compounded growth (both revenue & profit) we have double our revenue in the last few years ! We have gone from 24 employees to 39 & growing. We care about our employees and the culture we are creating. We hold quarterly town hall meetings where we report on the past quarters performance & what’s to come. We focus our message on our pillars to achieving our company goals. We bring in a food truck for meals; we offer free coffee (both Kicking horse coffee & Tim horton’s & David’s tea). We implemented profit sharing to each employee at the end of the year. We offer instant rewards, quarterly awards & dinner awards for employees who step up to the plate & show they care. We have grown our website traffic (US & Canada) by over 500% the last few years, we are growing social media channels substantially + we have increased leads & lead conversion.

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