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ProPics Canada Photography

Surrey, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2016

This business is focused on displaying the best of BC to the world. Through social media and other sources, ProPics Canada Photography showcases places and interesting images which promote not only business in BC but also encourages people from around the globe to visit our amazing province.

ProPics Canada Photography also shares images which bring awareness of social issues such as the opiod crisis, homelessness, poverty and other issues of public interest. Images of all things BC taken by ProPics Canada Photography appear in places around the world, ranging from the Smithsonian Magazine, International News Agencies, Tourism and travel related websites including being one of the top 10% of contributors to TripAdvisor, Google Maps, Google Reviews etc in promoting all things and all people of British Columbia.

ProPics Canada Photography dedicates hundreds of unpaid hours per year photographing businesses, sights and attractions etc from all corners of British Columbia.

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