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Okanagan RAWSOME

Grindrod BC, BC Best Community Impact:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 4 In Business Since: 2000

Okangan Rawsome is a proud farm to fork business that produces nutrient-dense and delicious Crisps and dip! They are committed to supporting the economy of their surrounding communities and educating people about health, wellness, and food sustainability.

OK Rawsome has has invested in the community by supporting local farmers. They source all the produce used in their Crisps from organic farms in the Okanagan Valley. Ok Rawsome also gleans overgrown greens for their popular Garden Crisps from local organic Farmers – these greens would otherwise be wasted.

Ok Rawsome contributes a portion of each sale to Canadian Mental Health (Salmon Arm Location). Afke Zonderland (Ok Rawsome’s founder) hosts workshops, speaks at various events and writes articles for the local papers educating people about health, wellness, and protecting our local food sources. NO FARM NO FOOD!

Ok Rawsome puts people before profits and supports their local communities while making delicious food!

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