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Active Impact Investments

Vancouver, BC Best Community Impact:
Employees: 4 In Business Since: 2017

Active Impact Investments directs money and talent to businesses that solve a pressing environmental or social problem.  As a certified B corporation, triple bottom line results for people, the planet and profit are at the forefront of every business and investment decision.  We value diversity, with 25% of employees being female and 25% visible minority.  The same values are employed when choosing investments, where 25% of founders in the portfolio of companies invested in are female, 37.5% visible minority, and a significant number of senior staff are female and/or visible minority.  The companies invested in employ over 200 people and include, for example, renewable energy and circular economy participants that have dramatically reduced CO2 emissions and diverted substantial waste from landfills to better uses, mental health solutions, and software that supports NPO’s. Active Impact is a leader in the niche of supporting early stage companies that are doing good for the community.

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