VIDEO: Xanatos Marine, Best International Trade Winner, Share Their Tips for Success

Xanatos Marine believes that there is no problem that cannot be solved. They provide unique and customized marine security and monitoring equipment for clients including the Indonesian Marine Police, World Bank, US Department of State, the International Maritime Organization, Transport Canada and the United Nations.

Working in these countries, Xanatos Marine’s founder, Bill English, biggest lesson has been to make sure that he understands his client’s way of doing business. For this, he depends on the Canadian Trade Commissioners in each country, who provide invaluable insight on how to be successful internationally.

When asked what inspires him, Bill simply answers, “Our clients.” He explains, “When you look at the selfless acts organizations like the coast Guard take on it’s quite inspiring. Heading into 10 meter swells and heavy winds to rescue, risking their own well being, inspires me to develop technologies to assist them.”

Bill’s advice to other entrepreneurs? To have an honest discussion with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. You can then use this understanding to hire the people who are strong, where you are weak, and work as a team to grow the business. But his biggest advice is one of acceptance. “You’re going to make mistakes… learn from them, adjust your strategy and move on.
Don’t give up!”

Find out more tips and advice from Xanatos Marine Business Development Manager, Kris English, in his video below.


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