How Customer Nominations Can Empower Your Business

We all know that awards can benefit your business. They create opportunities for making connections, generate awareness, and help build your reputation and market position. The benefits can be worth so much more than just the title and trophy you receive. But, the thought of nominating your business can be daunting. You may have that little voice in your head asking “are you really the best?”

So, what greater compliment can there be than when your business is nominated for an award by an employee, customer or community member? They are telling you that they believe in you. That your business makes a positive impact.

We asked two of our nominees from the 2014 Small Business BC Awards how they felt when they found out they had been nominated by a third party. And, here’s what they had to say:

BikeHike Adventures Inc., Top 5 Finalist for Best Employer Award

Trish Sare, Founder and Director of BikeHike Adventures, says she felt truly humbled to be nominated for the Best Employer Award. “Our business is all about people, both employees and clients and I’ve always strived to create a dynamic, supportive, stimulating environment for my employees while giving them as many opportunities for growth as feasible.” At the same time, she says, she has always questioned whether she’s successful in every realm, so to be recognized externally, felt empowering.

i-Worx, Best Workplace Award Winner

Andre Coetzee, Director and Co-Founder of i-Worx, describes how he was delighted when he found out that he and Jose Gavina had been nominated for the Best Workplace Award. “Jose and I are not the kind of people to nominate ourselves for awards,” he says. “I was super excited because it meant that we were being recognized for something that we worked hard to achieve since day one.” Once Andre found out who had nominated them, he immediately found them and thanked them for their nomination, telling them how much it meant to them. They have used the positivity and momentum of the awards to push their business forward and make their workplace “even more awesome” to be part of.

So, what are you waiting for? Nominate your favourite business for a Small Business BC Award today and empower a business that you think makes a positive impact to your community.

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