Video: Christina Platt Shares Her 3 Success Tips for Small Businesses

For Christina Platt, Bamboletta Dolls is about community and the positive local impact it creates; something that the judges of the Small Business BC Awards recognized when they awarded her the Best Community Impact Award in February 2014.

However, Christina has been expanding her business’ reach outside of her immediate community too. Through Bamboletta Dolls’ online presence, she’s been able to develop a solid rapport with her customers. As a result, she’s been able to rally Bamboletta’s Dolls online fans to make a difference in her local community through online auctions.

Christina has spent the last 12 years building Bamboletta Dolls exactly as she envisioned it, and is quite content with the state of her business is right now. It’s an event when new dolls are posted for sale on the Bamboletta website, and they sell out almost instantly.

Find out about her three tips for small business success on managing teams, social media strategy and evolving business plans:

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