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City of West Kelowna

West Kelowna, BC Best Large Communities:

The City of West Kelowna is nearing its 10th anniversary as a local government within the Central Okanagan. Similar to any start-up organization, the City has had to build itself from the ground-up by establishing its own policies, procedures and master plans to manage both community and organizational growth. Along the way we have experienced growing pains which may have had some unintentional negative impacts on our clients, residents and local businesses.

In recognition of these growing pains, the City of West Kelowna has made a concerted effort to improve our processes, provide exceptional customer service and create an open for business atmosphere. Our case study will demonstrate the work completed to-date by the City’s Development Services Division to improve its development processes and relationship with the development industry. We believe that the lessons learned by the City are transferrable to other municipalities, old & new, and serve as recognized ‘best practices’.

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