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chilliwack, BC Best Large Communities:

Chilliwack is one of the fastest growing communities in BC. We have it all: thriving agriculture, sound business sector and amazing lifestyle in our majestic outdoors. Our city is open for business and is an attractive place to start a new business in.

Chilliwack is working hard to provide for all aspects of life. Community events such as the Party in the Park bring people together. There are many active outdoor clubs to bring calmness to our lives and there is continued growth of trail systems here to bring more enthusiasts out and encourage more active living by our citizens.

We are the home of 3 very active Rotary groups as well. People in Chilliwack love to belong. We also are one of the most active inclusive hiring communities. And this is growing each and every year!

Chilliwack is absolutely amazing. We have done business as a family for 35 years and cannot say enough about our opportunity here.
Thank you for your serious consideration!
Michelle McEacern

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