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Sea To Sky Air

Squamish, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Employees: 4 In Business Since: 2010

We’re a small company with a big goal: Promote environmental awareness and protection of our region by taking 1,000,000 people in to the Squamish wilderness, regardless of their age or fitness level.

Our mission is simple, but from the heart. We believe that for humans to want to protect any piece of pristine wilderness they must first know the exhilaration that comes from spending time in the mountains and oceans.

Sea To Sky Air was created so that you don’t have to be a seasoned hiker, a backpacker, or a bold adventurer to experience the super, natural Squamish attractions that lay in our protected parks, ecological reserves, and conservancies. In our small aircraft and floatplanes everyone has the chance to experience the enjoyment of being amongst ancient mountains, plateaus, valleys, lakes, rivers, fjords, and wetlands, without the need for expert knowledge or backcountry equipment.

We hope that once you see what’s out there you’ll want to protect it, too.

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  1. Crystal Scagel

    Sea to Sky Air is the best! Loved my flight. It was a once in a lifetime experience, so many beautiful sights to see. I definitely recommend it.

    • Thank you Crystal, and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. We’re so happy to hear you really enjoyed your flight. We hope to see you again soon!

      Sea To Sky Air Crew

  2. It was a great experience for my first seaplane flight, and I’d love to do it again.

  3. Andrew Perkins

    You always have a GREAT experience!!! I have brought many friends and family and always a true sense of amazement! Booking is simple staff is great the pilots are all top notch and and scenery I world class. True value for your money an experience you won’t forget.

  4. Machie Sumang

    I gave a flight lesson session as a gift to my husband for his birthday sometime ago and he loved it. We saw amazing scenery from up high and enjoyed every minute of it. I took a lot of photos, in the end my husband asked where his photos were and I didn’t have any since I was busy taking photos of beautiful mountain tops and lush landscape. We will have to do it again.

    Thanks a lot for a amazing experience.

  5. Naida

    While visiting my son in Squamish,he surprised me
    by booking a flight to show me the surrounding beauty of the mountains, valleys and lakes .He was anxious to share the view with me.
    It was a great and memorable experience.
    Naida McKechnie

  6. Samantha Sturge

    My husband and I have flown with Sea to Sky Air on numerous occasions, each experience has been awesome! I was even able to take my 1 year old up the last time I flew…amazing! Thanks Sea to Sky Air!

  7. Gerald Medina

    My family and I had a wonderful experience flying with Sea to Sky Air. It was great to see Squamish from a top view perspective. Staff are very professional.

  8. Peter

    My daughter and I dropped by purely by chance and got chatting to one of the pilots. We were having a dad’s and daughters weekend away. To cut a long story short we had an amazing flight over some of the most beautiful scenery we have ever seen. A memorable day and would recommend this to anyone! Thanks

  9. Sherralyn

    My experienced was awsome I would definitely do it again with my friends and family… Staff are helpful and friendly. The view was amazing on the top!

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