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Backen Media

Vancouver, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2002

What is ideasTV?
A new concept in marketing merging print with digital marketing.

Who is the target market?
The business owner and president of local companies

What is the format?
Traditional tabloid 11 x 17

How is it delivered?
We have researched and targeted deliveries to be made by Canada Post

How is it different than any other magazine or newspaper?
We specialize in full-page and double page spread for the advertiser to tell the complete story so the reader can make a well-informed decision in a couple minutes

There are no Time related stories?
We are on the newspaper so there is no time related news all the stories are about the advertiser

How do you fill in the content?
Every company owner is always ask 10 to 20 questions about their company it’s the same questions over and over again. We set up an interview to answer these questions so the reader will have them before they ever call your business.

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