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K’pure Naturals

Mission, BC Best Marketer:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2016

I have seen first hand this amazing business blossom from a little idea to create a non-toxic all natural deodorant to a full blown line of all natural body products for the whole family! As a fitness trainer and gym owner, Karen hated watching women she cared about slathering on toxic anti-perspirant and decided to create her own for her and her clients, that was only the beginning!

K’pure naturals offers a full line of amazing products and can be found at many retailers across The Lower Mainland. I believe her marketing to be brilliant and well received because she has been clever enough to collaborate with many small businesses to create and offer appealing gift boxes and has reached out to the blogging community that have happily embraced her products and have been excited to promote. There has been a ton of hype about this product and it’s in the spotlight because of all the brilliant marketing. For a mother of four and with only one employee I think they are doing amazing!

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