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Blanket BC Society

Mission, BC Best Marketer:
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While walking out of a movie theater in downtown Vancouver on a chilly October night over 9 years ago, Mission resident, Gregory Ould noticed a man lying in an alcove at the side of a building. Ould went up to the man, whose appearance looked weathered and rough, and asked the man if there was anything that he could do to help him out. Expecting he would ask for money, cigarettes or coffee, Greg wasn’t prepared for what the man did say to him. “I could use a blanket… to survive the night.”

Blown away by those words, Greg went out and brought back a blanket. That act of one offer has continued to blossom from a family endeavor where he was joined by his young son Ben and later daughter Emma to a team of amazing Board Members and wonderful volunteers throughout the year.

Since collecting 67 blankets on their first blanket drive, Blanket BC has grown into an incorporated charity and has been able to distributed over 185,000 blankets to date! Blanket BC is also raising awareness to homelessness and the working poor across our communities. Financial contributions are now accepted too!

Blanket BC has assisted more than 50 other charitable organizations, shelters and Churches that open their space to the homeless and families in need of help.

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