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Innergy Corporate Yoga

Chilliwack, BC Best Company:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 27 In Business Since: 2004

Over the last 13.5 years, Innergy Corporate Yoga has proven itself to be a leader in workplace wellness. Our concept is simple: Bring yoga to employees in offices and help them destress. Studies show that when you eliminate stress, you improve overall health and boost productivity. Higher productivity, lower staff turnover and healthcare savings are just some of the benefits of Corporate Yoga. Since 2004, we have been dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities that we serve.

In 2013, we became a national company and began partnering with yoga teachers across Canada who wanted to become business owners. Using simple strategies, we help yoga teachers to grow a successful business in their community. 90% of all the client income goes to the teacher, which allows them to a very good living teaching yoga, a profession that is typically associated with a very low rate of pay and an inability to make a reasonable living. We believe differently.

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