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Dalex Auto Services

Fort Nelson, BC Best Company:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 7 In Business Since: 1994

Dalex Automotive continually supports the community in which we live, Fort Nelson, B.C.

They are innovative in our small community with any automotive needs and will take almost anything with an engine, they have also taken on and support 2 very hard working apprentices and 2 journeyman mechanics. Customer service is their top priority and the workmanship shows.

The roots of Dalex Auto were planted in 1994, and it has operated successfully in the decades since, offering quality automotive service to the community of Fort Nelson, BC. With a passion for automotive mechanics from as young as age six, Todd’s ownership of Dalex Auto is the achievement of a life-long dream. He wants to see Dalex Auto grow, keeping roots firmly planted in his home of Fort Nelson, and with a business plan that highlights opportunities to give back to the community.

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  1. Todd Penney and his staff at Dalex Automotive are proud supportive community members. They take an active interest in activities in the community on both a personal and professional level. Proud Fort Nelson Chamber of Commerce Members they go out of their way to provide excellent customer service and won the Customer Service Award at the 2015 Business & Community Excellence Awards. To support causes within the community Dalex Automotive has initiated a program where a cause is selected each month and all proceeds received from service checks to read trouble lights are donated. Dalex Automotive truly demonstrates why small business is so important to communities! Congratulations!

  2. Doris Johnson

    Its a great business with awesome worker couldn’t ask for better service

  3. Clint Southwick

    In a town with the worst economic conditions in the province Todd, Dianna and their crew have just kept stepping up the performance of Dalex auto. I have seen Todd up in the Yukon and down south promoting Dalex and Ft. Nelson as a practical choice to come to get top quality, fast work done . They keep bringing new ideas to promote business here as the rough times keep coming. They are a huge inspiration to northerners.

  4. Kym Gillett of Down to Earth Health Shop

    We are proud that Dalex is part of our community! What more can you ask for…awesome service, great prices and fabulous people. Running a small businesses is one of the most challenging careers and these people make it look easy. Good luck and we are voting for you.

  5. Mary Ann Murrin

    Awesome service and friendly staff always willing to help.

  6. Sheila Buck

    Their community spirit shines when called upon!

  7. Miriam And Harvey Harrold

    Dalex goes above and beyond for its customers and our community! Superior service and sunny smiles. They help the less fortunate by involving themselves when help is needed within the community. These people are amazing and deserve to win a prestigious award!

  8. Michele Mitchell

    Todd Penney really does care about the community he lives and does business in. Dalex Auto really has gone above and beyond for thier customers and truly deserving of such accolades.

  9. Todd is a top bloke and so are all his staff. He really knows his stuff. Thanks for the great service.

  10. Pheobe Spence

    Great service and they always go above and beyond

  11. Lee Wells

    I am very impressed and very proud to hear that one of our local community business in Fort Nelson, Dalex Auto has been nominated for the BC small business award. Dall contracting has been doing business and a client of Dalex Auto since MR.Todd Penny took over Dalex. We are impressed and really enjoy the high service level that Todd strives for with his business and all of his staff. Way to go Dalex, we are very happy to see you getting recognized for all of the great sponsorships that you provide, & the hard work that u do for Fort Nelson, and surrounding area. You deserve every bit of it. The world needs more people like you. Keep up the good work.

  12. George spence

    They are alwayes there when we need them even when they are busy they fit my family in and the survice is awsome can’t get that anywhere

  13. Brenda

    Todd and the crew areally absolutely amazing! I’M a single mom on a very limited income and todd has saved myself and my son from having to walk in -40 weather more times then I can count. My son has a heart condition and it seems like we are constantly having to travel to doctors and more tests and because of todd and his crew I am always confident that we will make it to our destination in a safe reliable vehicle. I really honestly don’t know what I would do with out these amazing people in my life that are always willing to go the extra mile (sometimes literally) for their friends, family, and customers. Thank you for all you guys do!!

  14. Dawn Warner

    Todd and his staff have always been there whenever we or anyone needed them . He has instilled his integrity into all that deal with him . I am very excited and happy that Dalex has been recognized for all they do for their customers and the community. Awesome people … awesome business …. Go TEAM Go !!!!!!!!!

  15. Debbie

    They are a great business to have in our small town. Always there to help. Thanks for everything you guys do for the community.

  16. Hillary

    Todd and Diana are two community-minded people with big hearts. They are always willing to support local causes and never turn down requests for help!
    Thank you & good luck!

  17. Don Brown

    Congrats and good luck in this Todd and staff. As we all know Dalex does go above and beyond and a huge community supporter and that is what makes our events happen with people and companies like that. Rooting for you!!

  18. Peter and Kathy Smith at NRME Ltd Weed Spray Service

    Todd is a very responsive guy and will go out of his way to help his customers and support the Community with his “Dalex Community Fund”. He’s always available and willing to provide advice on all things mechanical. There’s something refreshing about his style that is less focussed on cash flow and more on customer satisfaction and uplifting the Community. I think its great that he is nominated for this award and he richly deserves it.

    Best of luck to Todd and the whole crew at Dalex.

  19. Cherie Tataryn

    Congratulations Todd and Diana, you made the Top 10! I hope you go all the way to #1. You deserve it!

  20. Alice McKinnon

    Todd and his crew at Dalex always go above and beyond for our little community. Fort Nelson is truly blessed to have them.

  21. Brenda

    Todd and the crew of Dalex really go above and beyond for there customers and the town of Fort Nelson. When I find a company that understands and listens to my needs as a customer…I am thrilled. My truck is my income and when it’s down for repairs it’s not a good thing. Dalex has me in and out and back on the road asap and i know the work was done right…Thanks Todd and Crew for all you do

  22. Kim

    How wonderful to first be recognized locally in 2015 and now hopefully at the Provincial level. Very well deserved. Congratulations

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