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Greater Vancouver Lice Clinic

Maple Ridge, BC Best Community Impact:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 6 In Business Since: 2011

I’m proud to work at the GVLC, a very unique business that has a significant impact on local families and communities who are struggling with head lice.

Head lice treatment is neglected by the medical community because it doesn’t carry any physically harmful health risks, yet the easily available treatments are woefully ineffective. Head lice is also very misunderstood due to the fears and myths surrounding it. Parents become extremely distressed upon learning that there is head lice in the family and the toll that can be placed on the stress of not being able to get rid of it can further impact the emotional health of a family.

We fill this gap by dispelling myths and providing the right information, techniques and tools. We teach staff and parents in schools, spend time training staff and parents in First Nations, and provide free help over the phone. Our goals are to normalize and destigmatise the issue of head lice and be meaningfully engaged in our local community.

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  1. Victoria Gauthier

    Greater Vancouver Gead Lice clinic was a safe haven when I didn’t know where to turn. Darlene deloused my children and me and helped demystify head lice. The clinic’s services and educational information helped to eliminate the shame and panic I was feeling and put me back in control of a difficult situation. Thank you!

  2. Rebecca

    Great business to people who need educational help and support when dealing with lice.

  3. Christine

    The team at the GVLC was amazing from my first phone call with them to my visits with them at the clinic. The team is both a wealth of information and kindness and really helped to destigmatize the myths around head lice. I appreciated their educational approach and openness to share their expertise and this was information I could then share with others in my community who were feeling embarrassed and/or not sure how to deal with it. I recommend this team to anyone I know who is going through the experience of having head lice. The feedback I get from theses families is, “These ladies are amazing and thank you for the referral!” This team is really making an impact and a difference in their community and the communities around them!

  4. Cheryl Lescheid

    The skill and knowledge of the Lice Ladies was my sanity saver as we found out we were under siege just prior to a major overseas trip. I had never dealt with it before and greatly benefitted from their great expertise and reassurance that we truly had the “all clear” to leave on our adventures!

  5. Teresa

    My children actually ENJOY going to the GVLC! I am grateful for their services, their kindness, their teaching, and their ability to make everyone feel comfortable. The space is perfect for families and they really demonstrate care and compassion. What a life saver!

  6. Nayna Karmali

    Amazing ladies and my families emotional health was restored without feeling embarrased
    And intimidated. We didn’t have lice……hurray….Thank you for your kindness, education and support. I have referred families who have felt so helpless and very thankful for your help.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  7. Ian & Joanne

    The GVLC offers a very welcoming, relaxing and calming place to clear up the challenges and embarrassment of lice. From our first visit, our daughter has been quite happy to make return visits. The ladies provide outstanding service – answering all questions, providing easy-to-implement solutions, and generally demystifying the problem. Highly recommended, both for your personal and family needs and as a community educational service.

  8. Darcy Stayner

    Highly professional staff. Was extremely impressed with how quickly they were able to help my daughter. Their expertise and followup ensured success. I would highly recommend GVLC!

  9. Kelsey Heinen

    Last year I had lice multiple times (or so we thought, we’re pretty sure it just never went away). I spread it to my sister and my friend and we tried several different drug store “lice treatments” but to no avail. We decided to just suck it up and go to a lice clinic to get professional treatment, turns out we were going about the issue completely wrong. Thanks to GVLC we were able to properly treat our lice and finally get rid of it. They were super helpful and they really made an effort to teach us, not just do all the work for us. Definitely 10/10, would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.

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