Apple and Walmart May Soon Have to Publicly Report Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions Due to Proposed Law

California lawmakers have passed a bill mandating that large U.S. companies disclose their yearly greenhouse gas emissions. Known as Senate Bill 253 or the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, it received approval from both the Assembly and the Senate. 
The legislation is now pending approval from California Governor Gavin Newsom.
If enacted, the California Air Resources Board will be tasked with creating regulations by 2025. These regulations will require both public and private companies generating over $1 …

Conquest Planning and CapIntel Collaborate to Expand AI-Powered Financial Advisory Services

Conquest Planning, headquartered in Winnipeg, has joined forces with Toronto-based CapIntel, another FinTech company specializing in wealth management. 
The collaboration integrates Conquest’s Strategic Advice Manager (SAM), an AI-driven financial planning tool, into CapIntel’s platform, which serves over 12,000 financial advisors in North America.
The joint venture aims to expand Conquest’s market presence while enhancing the financial advising capacities on CapIntel’s sales platform for …

Is Corporate India Contributing Enough to a Plastic-Free Nation?

The Indian government’s recent decision to not ban certain types of single-use plastic is considered a setback in efforts to combat pollution. 
However, even as the government held back, multiple companies in India, including e-commerce giants Flipkart and Amazon India, have pledged to reduce or eliminate their use of single-use plastics.
Corporate Initiatives
Let’s have a look at some companies in the country and their efforts toward achieving a plastic-free …

7 Traits That Set Excellent Marketing Professionals Apart

The marketing industry is as dynamic as it is competitive, making the demand for exceptional professionals in the field stronger than ever. While many individuals may be good at marketing, there are certain traits that set excellent marketing professionals apart. 
These are the people who not only excel at their jobs but also elevate their organizations. In this article, we’re going to explore the seven traits that make these professionals stand out:
Strategic Mindset