Thank you for submitting your nomination. All award nominations are subject to review by Small Business BC and should be published within 48 hours of successful submission.

Please Note: Votes can only be cast once the nomination has been published on the awards site.

Third-Party Nominations

For third-party nominations, Small Business BC must contact and obtain consent from the nominated business prior to publishing its nomination. Please note that this may extend the length of time required to review and publish your nomination on the website.

Need to Make a Change to Your Nomination?

If you need to update or change any information submitted in your nomination, please email and include a link to the nomination with instructions regarding the required changes.

Is your Community “Open For Business?” 

For the third year in a row, we’ve partnered with the Province of British Columbia to host the Open For Business Awards. These awards celebrate communities that have created a business friendly culture, allowing small business to flourish. If you want to celebrate the achievements of your community, why not Nominate Them for an Open For Business Award?