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Cranbrook B.C., BC Best Medium Communities:

We have a progressive city council and mayor, a strong long time Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Services, and many progressive business owners. We have a downtown business association and tourism association as well. Cranbrook developed excellent infrastructure 20 + years ago to handle substantial growth and future expansion, we are not limited in our water and other utilities and are ready for new residents to our town.
Cranbrook is a welcoming community to industrial growth, and our home and building prices are very reasonable. We are in close proximity to five first nations bands and enjoy an active, inclusive relationship.
We also have an excellent regional teaching hospital, the College of the Rockies, Regional airport, all levels of government services and close proximity to amazing recreational sports venues and facilities. Cranbrook is also know for our quality of senior care and retirement accommodation, and many seniors are choosing to relocate here.

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