The Impact of Winning a Small Business BC Award

We’re now into the 17th year of the Small Business BC Awards. Amazing, eh? No doubt you’ve heard us banging the drum on the benefits of taking part, so this year we’re switching gears. We’ve decided to catch up with some of our previous Small Business BC Awards participants to ask for their thoughts and the impact (if any) winning a Small Business BC Award had on their business.. Nominations […]

VIDEO: Toby Barazzuol Shares Tips on Work-Life Balance, Systems and Teams

Toby Barazzuol started Eclipse Awards, a world class recognition supplier and boutique consulting firm in 1998. Originally based in Yaletown, he soon realized that it would be better for his business to move to somewhere that it could make a difference on the community it was based in. So they moved to Strathcona. As a business, Eclipse has worked with some of the world’s most successful organizations including NASA, the […]

VIDEO: Fully Managed Inc, Shares how to be the Best Employer

Chris Day started Fully Managed in 2002. We was the sole employee, working as an independent IT consultant from home. Today, he has 40 employees, with offices in Vancouver and Edmonton. Scaling the business from one to 40, though is no small feat, but it was the kind of challenge that inspired Chris to be an entrepreneur. For Chris, a major turning point in the business came when he clearly […]

VIDEO: Xanatos Marine, Best International Trade Winner, Share Their Tips for Success

Xanatos Marine believes that there is no problem that cannot be solved. They provide unique and customized marine security and monitoring equipment for clients including the Indonesian Marine Police, World Bank, US Department of State, the International Maritime Organization, Transport Canada and the United Nations. Working in these countries, Xanatos Marine’s founder, Bill English, biggest lesson has been to make sure that he understands his client’s way of doing business. […]

VIDEO: Best Online Marketer Winner, Jenna Herbut, Shares Her Tips for Success

Jenna wanted to give traditional craft fairs a makeover and appeal to a whole new generation. She started Make It Productions. Once a year she gathers 250 exhibitors to the PNE Forum in Vancouver and The Enjoy Centre in Alberta to sell all things craft to well over 15,000 socially conscious shoppers. What’s Jenna’s secret? “I’m naturally creative, so coming up with lots of ideas was always very easy for […]

Video: Christina Platt Shares Her 3 Success Tips for Small Businesses

For Christina Platt, Bamboletta Dolls is about community and the positive local impact it creates; something that the judges of the Small Business BC Awards recognized when they awarded her the Best Community Impact Award in February 2014. However, Christina has been expanding her business’ reach outside of her immediate community too. Through Bamboletta Dolls’ online presence, she’s been able to develop a solid rapport with her customers. As a […]