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UHUBOR Communications Ltd.

Vancouver, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Employees: 7 In Business Since: 2017

UHUBOR believes sharing is caring. Founded by UBC alumni and community members, UHUBOR built both strong online and offline presence to facilitate resource sharing. The online community includes an open marketplace where thousands of people share used items to reduce ecological footprints and promote sustainability. The offline community of UHUBOR promotes knowledge sharing via seminars and workshops that aim to bridge differences, foster understandings and cultivate cultural sensitivities for the new immigrant community. We work closely with local experts to cover important topics such as education, mental health, entrepreneurship, global economics, and sustainability, etc. These workshops have impacted 10,000 + audiences. UHUBOR also organizes volunteering trips for highschool students to be actively engaged in community service. We are committed to building a stronger, more connected, sustainable community. UHUBOR was featured in Singtao News, Business in Vancouver and Omni News.

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