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S.K Counselling Services

Surrey, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Employees: 1 In Business Since: 2002

It was a huge challenge to get the business started specially when Counselling is considered a taboo by many. I encountered many barriers and challenges but despite those challenges I moved forward with the plan as I was very passionate about it. Now when I look back – I feel so happy and accomplished to see others positive lifestyle changes. One lesson learnt was to follow your passion and dream! Through your hard work and determination, you can make a difference in someones life, one at a time – to grow, to overcome their problems and to face their fears. I have been very active in the community – volunteering, facilitating at community events and managing my private practice. I also work at a non-prfit organization working with people with special abilities. I enjoy my roles in different aspects in the community. I love to help people – knowing that someone is there, listening to your story, without being judgemental. It’s a blessing to make a positive change in someones life.

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