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Mikus Transport

Nanaimo, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Employees: 17 In Business Since: 2017

I believe Mikus Transport should win this award for a few reasons.
The company was designed so parents and students don’t have to take time off work or school to meet the delivery driver, this allows parents and students to focus on their studies and not having the stress of losing a days pay. This has been welcomed by many low-income families in the community and they value the flexibility that Mikus Transport has with their schedules.

Mikus Transport has also been working with the local Salvation army in Nanaimo. They give a discounted price to the customers that shop at the local furniture store, this helps with people that are just starting out on their own with little to no funds to transport their goods. And also, any disposal jobs the company does throughout their week, the products that are in good condition are donated back to the Salvation Army. Overall, this company deserves to be nominated for just the love it has for the community.

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