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Haywood Golf

Vancouver, BC Premier's People's Choice:
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2018

Our goal of creating Haywood Golf was to provide high-quality golf clubs at affordable prices. We believe that if we are successful in that, we are fundamentally growing the game by enabling more people to not only afford the equipment but getting them excited to play with their new clubs.

Our initial product offering is Wedges. Like most of our bigger competitors, they come standard with premium features like forged-steel, and CNC-milled faces. Shipping in two finishes, our intentionally minimalist design separates us from other big brands and allows our customers to customize it to their liking with stamping.

Our intention to grow the game of golf extends far beyond the current target market of middle-aged men. We hope to create products that are inclusive for all genders and ages and inspire them to play.

Having been operational for just over four months, Haywood Golf’s wedges are being carried in 250 golfer’s bags across seven different countries. We’re ambitious, as we’re currently testing out a new product line of irons with the intention to launch early 2019.

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