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Salt Design Co.

Vancouver, BC Best Marketer:
Employees: 2 In Business Since: 2016
Brand design and development agency helping small business owners understand the connection between their business and their brand: we offer visual and web design services that build the foundation for brands to communicate from. And, we coach and train clients throughout the process so they know how and where to use what we design.
You’ll find us (Daphne and Lucy) working out at local studios here in Vancouver or playing with Daphne’s cats. We love donuts, tacos and doing good creative work from our home offices. We like to keep things informal and host intimate events and training sessions for our clients – largely because we know that being successful in business doesn’t mean doing things the “traditional” way.
Beyond that we love breaking down confusing jargon, explaining processes and seeing our clients thrive. But most all, we love that we can create a life we love to live, and help you do the same with your thriving business.

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