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Rio Theatre

Vancouver, BC Best Marketer:
Top 10 Semi-Finalist
Employees: 27 In Business Since: 2008

The Rio Theatre has a very unique way of promoting our events that have been very effective over the years. We essentially promote all our events like a Rock Band – meaning we do aggressive daily street postering and Facebook events for all of our shows. Plus we are very active on twitter and instagram. We also send out  a weekly events calendar to our 25,000 members. Allowing the community to help us share our events and the street poster campaign is an effective way to reach the neighbourhood directly.

Every year on car free days and Italian Days on Commercial Drive we hand out over 10,000 two for one movie passes to help draw business in the slower Summer months. We do regular print ads in The Georgia Straight and other local papers and we also have an ad reel that plays on the big screen before shows that helps promote our upcoming events.

Plus we have a lot of support from the film and theatre community and some awesome famous fans of The Rio who help spread the word, such as Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogan, Kevin Smith!

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