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Oui Promote

Vancouver, BC Best Marketer:
Employees: 5 In Business Since: 2015

We promote brand awareness! Through strategic marketing ideas that get your brand and product on the street and in to the hands of your target market.

Promo Models, Brand Ambassadors, Brand Mascot Management, Product Sampling Staff are just a few ways to promote your cherished brand.

Why Oui Promote? The answer is simple… We’re backed by a growing Canadian company of nearly 10 years. Oui Promote uses creativity, expertise and first hand experiences to bring your brand into the mindset of your customer.

Yes, we provide a unique service. Yes, we provide the high level of excitement that goes with finding a unique service. Yes, we provide the sense of calm that comes with knowing that your brand and product are in safe hands. And yes, oui promote does… promote!

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