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Whistler Water

Burnaby, BC Best International Trade:
Employees: 45 In Business Since: 1991

British Columbia is home to some of the worlds best water. Only 5% of the global water is drinkable and only 1% is Glacial water. Whistler Water has been exporting its Glacial Spring Water since 1997 and has recently seen a surge in international demand for this Canadian commodity. Regulations prohibit bulk export of water and that allows companies like Whistler Water to produce and sell an added value product that not only meets the demands of its clients but provides numerous jobs both internally and externally within the local community. Sales staff, accounting, shipping and operations are a some of the areas in which local people are employed. The future looks bright and there will be a demand to employ more both locally and internationally. Whistler Water was the recipient of the Local Export Plan of the Year (2018) which was awarded by the World Trade Centre (WTC) Vancouver as part of the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP). This award would further strengthen our export plan.

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