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Popov Leather

Nelson, BC Best International Trade:
Top 10 Semi-Finalist
Employees: 10 In Business Since: 2013

Nelson based Popov Leather produces high quality leather goods, most models hand-sewn.

Popov Leather is THE quintessential rural BC small town success story. A hobby turns into a micro business following spousal encouragement which then turns into a thriving fast-growth business. Five years after its first sale Popov Leather today employs 10 skilled individuals and sees solid revenue growth as more than 90% of the production is shipped to satisfied international customers. Absolutely fantastic.

Founder and owner Ryan Popoff is truly inspirational. Down-to-earth and humble Ryan plays off his company success as just having been lucky. Reality is Ryan’s incredible hard work, unwavering persistence, attention to detail, perpetual interest to improve skills and processes, constantly dialing-in digital marketing and e-commerce messaging and untiring thirst to learn from mentors that has lead to the impressive results and Popov Leather’s unique appeal in international markets.

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