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Furever Clean Dog Wash

Victoria, BC Best International Trade:
Top 5 Finalist
Employees: 3 In Business Since: 2016

Furever Clean Dog wash offer a new take on an old dirty problem, washing the family dog – no mess, no appointments and no hair in the house, better still you don’t even get wet! Our dog wash is a state of the art “car wash” for dogs that is convenient and easy to use, to wash and dry your faithful pet.  You get to leave all the mess behind you, just a squeaky clean, dry and happy dog by the end of the dry cycle.

Offering a variety of heated wash and dry options, all natural shampoos and several payment options, our machines accommodate dogs of all sizes or even 2 dogs at once.  The tub is kept hygienically clean with a disinfect cycle.  Dog washing is now a pleasant and economical experience for both the dog and it’s owner, the best 10 minutes you and your dog will spend together getting clean.

Businesses large or small of all kinds, incorporate the Furever Clean Dog Wash into their sales and marketing strategy as a way to attract new and repeat customers, earn supplemental revenue and increase sales of their existing products and services.  With pet industry sales at an all time high of $8 billion a year, dog owners represent a significant and lucrative market.  The Dog Wash has a high return on investment and with its aircraft stainless steel body and bright eye catching decals, requires minimal maintenance.

Our Dog Wash machines are imported from Australia.  We adapt the machines to the North American market using local components to conform to CSA standards, and to provide for more sophisticated payment methods and telemetry for monitoring sales.   We also sell products to compliment the dog wash such as Dog Treat vending machines and Dog Wash shampoo products.  These are imported from both Australia and the United States and labelled locally.  Local suppliers are used to source healthy dog treats.


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