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SmartShare Solutions Inc.

Vancouver, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 3 In Business Since: 2016

SmartShare Solutions provides one of the world’s most advanced data platform for Smart Parking. It is a software system that constantly tracks the real-time status of parking spots while providing automated and detailed historical analytics around parking efficiency, compliance monitoring, and helping drivers find the nearest available parking spot their destination. We help shape the future of tomorrow’s cities by tracking and analyzing data on mobility, transportation, and parking. We provide automatic insights and detailed analytics about how cities move and park, by making your data available to you on any device (Website or APP), at anytime. We help Parking Companies and Cities increase their efficiency, compliance, and revenues by effectively monitoring and evaluating their parking data. We use machine learning to predict future parking occupancy. We help City Planners make smarter decisions around urban planning, mobility, and parking.

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