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SaaSberry Innovation Laboratories Ltd

Coquitlam, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 8 In Business Since: 2017

SaaSberry Innovation Laboratories is a boutique digital agency which partners with small businesses across Western Canada to help innovate and disrupt traditional methods of how a company would deliver their services. SaaSberry partners by learning its client’s business process and then builds custom enterprise-grade software which typically has a return on investment within 12 months.

In a constantly and rapidly changing world, innovation is something that every CEO, business owner, or entrepreneur must confront and explore – no matter the size of their company or the nature of their business. The problem is most small businesses cannot afford the large costs, that is why SaaSberry’s model is so successful, as one of Microsofts partners it enables small clients to innovate without the huge costs from the large tech giants. SaaSberrys clients are benefiting from innovation by gaining competitive advantages while increasing revenues and profits,

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