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Vancouver, BC Best Innovation:
Employees: 8 In Business Since: 2017

What is Quantaloop?

Quantaloop is a single source platform for creating and deploying verified environmental campaigns.

From tree planting and offsetting carbon footprints to protecting water sources and biodiversity, the Quantaloop solution helps brands value-align their social missions to what matters most to their customers.

Land holders and natural resource service providers utilize Quantaloop’s land management platform while businesses leverage an integrated eco-marketing platform for all their CSR needs.

What are the problems Quantaloop solves?

People are weary and can’t trust or distinguish between what is legitimate online marketing and what is not. Quantaloop mitigates the doubt of greenwashing in marketing campaigns for businesses who are making a real environmental impact to their communities.

What is the Quantaloop solution?

Business solutions that connect profit with positive planet actions. The Quantaloop solutions helps businesses add eco-responsibility to their business; landholders unlock land value; and job seekers find exclusive natural resource contracts.

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